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Brand New Baby

Yes, the rumors are true. After years of wishing and hoping and praying, I finally got the little bundle of joy I was waiting for!

*ahem* No, not that bundle of joy. This one:

My parents, they love me. For three years, they neglect to call me on my birthday. Same thing happens this year, but we meet for brunch a few days later as a birthday celebration. My mother hands over a birthday card, and inside is a receipt for the mixer, since she didn’t want to carry it into the restaurant. I shrieked. There was much rejoicing.

Best. Gift. Ever.

So, obviously, it had to be used. As soon as possible, which is why there’s a spatula sticking out of it in this picture. I was in such a hurry to break in my new baby that I forgot to take a picture until cookie dough was already a mixin’.

This temporary blogging hiatus that’s happened for the past two months? Totally over. I will be baking ALL THE TIME! Can you feel the excitement?! CAN YOU?!



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