Progress for Week 1

Four pounds down! Yeah, I know that might sound like a lot for just a week for someone my size, but since I dramatically cut my sodium intake, it was all pretty much water weight. But, that’s a great start!

I’m realizing that if I truly pay attention to what’s inflammatory and what’s not inflammatory, and also to portion size, it’s actually not too difficult to stay within the daily points. Pretty much all sweets are highly inflammatory, as are most grains and most dairy products, so that results in me eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, which are free on WW anyway.

The trick with an anti-inflammatory diet is that if you eats things that have a really high IF (Inflammation-Free) factor, you can eat things that are less good and it will balance out. So, for example, if I have salmon, which has a very high IF factor (which is good!), then I can have something less good, like bread. So, really, it’s not as restrictive as it seemed at first. As long as I pay good enough attention to the good things, I can have a little fun, too. Like dark chocolate. Mm.

I also did go for a run today, and it felt good. So hopefully, I can keep that activity up. I also have a couple of free months of yoga (from Groupon and Livingsocial) to use, so yoga would be a great, stress-reducing alternative.

To come next, recipes! My first challenge that I’m taking a class in a city over an hour away for the two weeks, but I’m commuting. So that involves packing and successfully avoiding fast food, so wish me luck!!

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One response to “Progress for Week 1

  1. Jenni

    Yay!!! And that’s great about the IF diet. It always seems to come down to moderation, doesn’t it?

    For recipes, if you haven’t come across it yet, I highly recommend Gina’s Skinny Recipes ( The recipes all have WW info, and I’ve liked nearly everything I’ve made from there, which is a LOT!

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