Time for Sorbet

My gift to myself in May for all the interviews I did and all the rejections I endured (although it finally all worked out – I got hired!) was a ice cream maker attachment for my beloved Kitchen-aid stand mixer. Finally, on Memorial Day, I had a chance to use it.

One thing to keep in mind about making ice cream is it actually takes a long time. Actually cooking and preparing takes very little time, but the constant chilling and freezing takes quite a while.

A friend of mine dabbles quite a bit in home-brewing, and a while ago he made some banana wine, and has a whole bunch left over. He wanted to try to use it in sorbet. He suggested strawberries, since they go well with bananas, and the combo of raspberries with that also sounded good to me. So I combined a bunch of different recipes I found online to create this: Strawberry-Raspberry Banana Wine Sorbet with mint. Quite the mouthful, I know. But I have to say that it turned out wonderfully! Everyone was impressed.

Step one: Almost all ice creams and sorbets require some form of simple syrup, and really, it’s important to know how to make and really easy to make. It also goes into drinks like mojitos. Bring 3/4 cup water to a boil in a small saucepan. Add 3/4 cup sugar, and lower heat (or you can remove it from heat completely). Stir until all the sugar is dissolved. Transfer to a medium bowl and chill for at least 2 hours. If it’s too warm when added to the ice cream maker, it will warm the frozen bowl too much for the sorbet to chill effectively, and you’ll likely end up with pretty liquidy sorbet.

While it’s chilling, put a package of strawberries and a package of raspberries in a blender. I actually put the raspberries in the food processor first, so there was a liquid component without having to add a liquid. I then blended them together in a blender. I added a handful of mint, which ended up in tiny green bits and really made the sorbet so amazing. The mint adds a refreshing taste. Chill this mixture until the simple syrup is cold, and then mix them together. After mixed, I added a cup of the banana wine. In the future, I may mix the wine with the simple syrup to burn off some of the alcohol. Alcohol lowers the freezing temperature, meaning things are a little bit liquidy at the end. It turned out fine after freezing, though, so not a huge change is needed.

When it’s ready – and only then – remove the ice cream maker bowl from the freezer (for the stand mixer attachment), attach to mixer, and start on Stir speed. Pour the mix into the bowl, and mix until at desired consistency.

When finished, pour into a container. I was recommended to put it into a longer, flatter container (I imagine it freezes more quickly that way). Freeze for at least 4 hours, though overnight is ideal!

I immediately fed this to my roommate, who said that although she was expecting it to be good, she wasn’t expecting my first try to be THAT good. So, seriously, something about this combo – especially the mint – really makes it come to life in your mouth. It just screams summer. And since in Denver we’ve been having a crazy heat streak, it’s totally appropriate right now!


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  1. Jenni

    Yum! Looks so tasty!!

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