Things I desire

Ok. So, yeah, it’s been quite a while since I posted. The real reason is because the end of the winter makes me lose all motivation, because I’m so ready for spring, and yet it’s still cold and miserable. Finally, it’s nearly May, the weather has improved (although has become dramatically more rainy), and I’m taking back control of my life. Ha.

I’m now transferring between lovely baked goods that are oh-so-good and yet oh-so-bad for you, and healthy meals. I’m going to make Salmon Cakes tonight, as well as The Pioneer Woman’s Monkey Bread. I’m excited!

For now, though, I’m just posting something I want: Everything on this site! Bake It Pretty has adorable things that bring out the domestic diva in myself. Seriously, How cute is this!!
Oh, so cute.

More to come.

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  1. Jenni

    I saw this website for the first time today — sooooo cute!!!

    I’m terrified of that Monkey Bread. It looks so good, but a) so dangerous, and b) named after animals that freak me out. Let me know how it is!!

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